Sonntag, 2. September 2012

Can we get away from saying 'No' to discussions?

One characteristic that I have come across recently is how people react in group discussions or during daily conversations

People who are open to patient discussions
People who outright reject differing opinions

Here I would like to look at the positives of the former group

The group which gives patient hearing comes out as people who are considerate.
This group believes everyone has something to offer and rightly so. This approach to discussion helps people in looking at things from different perspectives, resulting in better decision making. It is important to understand that every opinion discussed has positives and negatives.

Let us take a situation we come across daily in our life. The decision to buy a product.
The more opinions or options analyzed results in identifying the positives and negatives of option A, also in the positives and negatives of Option B. So the optimal solution might be a mix of option A and Option B. This might not be a case always but opening yourself to patient discussions and considering every other person has something to contribute can result in a better result for ourselves.

In a Team scenario, this is particularly important and is not limited to just better decision making but also

- bettering team dynamics
- increasing communication among team
- increasing self respect of team members
- innovation stemming from positive communications
- being the change themselves they dread to face

Am sure there is more, do comment and together we can explore the power of working together and being patient with our fellow colleagues

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